Super Sketch Bob is a 2D action platformer which gives you the power to draw ladders, bridges and trampolines to overcome challenges and save the day! You play as Bob. He’s a little doodle guy who lives inside a Sketchbook.

One day, Bob finds the Magic Pencil, which allows him to draw anything he can imagine! But Bob’s sister Liz gets jealous of him and tries to take the pencil! What a brat!

Instead, she ends up with the Magic Eraser! Liz discovers she can erase holes in the world and use them to get around faster! Upon discovering that this really upsets her big bro, Liz starts erasing more bits of the world! Now, Bob, equipped with his Magic Pencil must stop Liz from erasing the world!

If you’re looking for a game with an original art style, great music, and a new twist on classic platforming gameplay, then you’re probably looking for Super Sketch Bob!